“Life is a gift to be appreciated. It is not a commodity to be manipulated, rather a gift from tender love of God that must be protected.”

Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle appealed to the public to celebrate life, during the third “Walk for Life” at the Quezon City Memorial Circle, February 16.

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle
His Eminence Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle encourages the faithful to treasure and nurture life (Photo by Julyn Formaran)

Life, according to him, starts in the mother’s womb which is chosen by God to be the human expression of His compassion and love. With this, “accepting and affirming the dignity of every woman” has always been part of any Walk for Life.

The womb where life is nurtured does not only pertain to a mother’s womb. After child’s birth, it enters another womb where it continues to be developed. That refers to families, neighborhood, schools, and parishes.

He advised,

“Let our families and other communities to commit themselves to be the nurturing spaces of life especially the life of faith, life of decency, and life of values.”

The prelate also urged the faithful to start thinking of the society as a womb, where everyone has a share in making it such a tender and compassionate womb where life will flourish.

“We hope that our society will have a heart that beats empathy, moves with compassion and love. A society that is alert to the hunger, the thirst, and the misery of people.”

Walk for Life is an annual event spearheaded by the Catholic Church as an act of solidarity to uphold the dignity of life. This year, thousands of faithful, with the Catholic lay groups and other religious clusters, gathered at the Quezon Memorial Circle.

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