What we do

First to Deliver (FTD) Media Services, Inc. is the official in-house sales arm of the Catholic Media Network. It was formed out of the need for the network to have a marketing arm that belongs to the Federation. It was initially established as sole proprietorship in 1994 with only 17 member stations. To make it a more viable and competitive organization as its membership expanded and its services grew through the years, it became a duly registered corporation in 1997. To date, it has 35 member stations, 24 AM & 11 FM, representing 10 regions and 27 provinces. National sales revenues of the majority of CMN stations are coursed through FTD.

Among the various services it offers are as follows:


— Media Marketing

Develops media packages and sells airtime to prospective clients on a network, regional, or individual station basis.


— Research & Monitoring

Covers “initial” advertising and product awareness readings, product availability studies in chosen outlets, and evaluation of promotional efforts for its various clientele. “Simple” means a 100-150 respondent- base, within the city/poblacion limits where the radio station is located, and a 1- page questionnaire. Costs involved are much lower than any research agency if there is a placement with the radio station or a package deal with CMN.


— Consultations

Free consultation on marketing, sales, distribution and promotions of idea, during a 3–month contracted period with “network placements” once every month.


— Promotional Activities & Event Marketing

Assistance to client’s promotional activities such as: special events, concert tours,
special product/service demonstrations, venue for conferences and/or important
presentations. Costs will depend on the breadth and spread of such activities.


— Radio Production

Radio commercials, plugs, spots, announcements, etc. that caters to the clients’ needs.

Canned soundtracks, musical beds, stingers, sound effects, jingles for special events, conferences, presentations, etc.

Radio-cassette-ready value-laden dramas for sponsorship.


— Press Releases

Facilitation and dissemination of public information in the form of press releases for media coverage.


— Opinion Polling

Mass Information and feedback through an opinion poll survey system where trends in thinking, feeling, judgment and values are provided through market research data. Results of opinion to questions are sent from the provinces to the national center to establish a local and national opinion which are broadcast regularly nationwide.


— Capability Building

Trainings, Workshops / seminars that would enhance the capability of station personnel and partner NGO’s are provided on a regional or national level.