The Catholic Media Network Competitive Advantages

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Catholic Media Network - The Credible Network

Catholic Media Network CMN member stations are perceived as credible in their respective communities and areas, because:

Most stations are Catholic Church-owned/run. The church is a reputable and respected organization, no politicking, the primordial existence and mission of which is total human development. Thus its stations are honest and reliable where people depend on for assistance.

The Catholic faithful tune in to these stations for its public affairs/service offerings, credible news gathering and reporting of events and issues as they happen.

The evangelization and pastoral mission of the Church has yielded community-based broadcasting enabling the stations a firm grasp/hold of the communities it serves.

A Commercial station as well

Without losing its sight on its mission for evangelization, the stations have balanced programming since the bulk (about 90%) of its format are:news, personalities, drama, public service/affairs like health care, educational, livelihood, entrepreneurship, etc. (community-based broadcasting), musicale, with the value-laden/religious formats comprising the balance 10%. The stations are also flexible enough to tailor fit programming formats to cater to clients’ target audiences.

Not only do the stations facilitate the promotion and advertising of products and services of its various clients through radio placements but assist clients to move their products by way of live coverage, special events, promotional activities/tie-ups and by extending to its clientele various management services as in research, product performance monitoring, marketing, warehouse/storage facilities, etc.

Bonding with the community

Close relationships/tie-ups with the community at large: Church/religious/civic organizations, LGUs (local government units), NGOs (Non-government organizations, POs, (People’s Organizations), business community, and specifically the schools and universities.

Technical assets and facilities

  • CMN stations possess competitive equipment/facilities resulting to good, strong, clear signal/reception, better sound/broadcast quality, wider radio coverage and larger base of listeners. All of its 34 stations have a 5 to 10 KW power, better than competition.
  • Live coverage capability on community events (barangay celebrations, fiestas, important events), with a strong communication set-up/linkage in every parish, from the city down to the remotest area.
  • Capable of regional “simulcast” or delayed (at least phone patch) live coverage on news and special events.
  • Has storage space that can be offered for warehouse purposes of various products

First in news reporting

CMN stations are always first in airing events, issues, happening, local news, public affairs and active/fast reportage. It has an overall total correspondents of 1,500 including volunteers capable of immediately relaying the hottest news to the nerve centers

The pioneer and only station in the area

Six (6) of CMN stations are the pioneers and only station in their respective areas:

  • DZVT-am: San Jose, Occidental Mindoro, LUZON
  • DZPA-am, Bangued, Abra, LUZON
  • DZJO-fm, Baler, Quezon, LUZON
  • DYDM-am: Maasin, Leyte, VISAYAS
  • DXHM-am: Mati, Davao Oriental, MINDANAO
  • DXMM-am: Jolo, Sulu, MINDANAO