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Through Media

Radio Stations

The Catholic Media Network is a federation of 54 radio stations across the Philippines reaching 11 regions and 35 provinces. We are the largest broadcaster in the Philippines, in terms of the total number of stations and transmitting power per station.

Going live beyond radio

Download the CMN Live on Google Play or watch us live on Cignal TV channel 311 to get fast, simple and easy to access news, updates and broadcast from Catholic Media Network. We get first and exclusive access from multiple news sources all over the Philippines from Metro Manila to other regions all over the country.

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Pioneering Community Based Radio Network

The window to the world.

Catholic Media Network is the first and only community-based radio network in the country. We cater to the needs of the local communities but come together as one to Bring the message of Hope to the Filipino nation.

Reaching the most remote and more dangerous parts of the Philippines – CMN radio stations, we are proud to say, reaches out and operates in areas where ‘angels dare not tread. We help the government as we promote evangelization in trying to keep the peace.

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